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  1. item that has been lit,

      containing a small flame.



Memento Greeting Candles

Bring your message to light.

Send your loved ones the gift of a candle with a hidden greeting inside. When the candle is burned, their special greeting will be brought to light. It's a wonderful way to send your message in a unique way.

Choose from many different collections. Whether it be a holiday greeting, hosting gift, birthday surprise, secret fortunes, and more, there is a message to have your greeting covered. We'll even customize your own secret memento message!


Quality Ingredients

Kindlette's unscented atmospheric candles are made with 100% pure beeswax, using 100% cotton wicks. No chemicals or additives of any kind.

Beeswax is known to produce the cleanest burn, and even reduce toxins in the air. We want to enjoy the beauty and relaxing nature of our candles while protecting ourselves and our pets with the purest quality flame. Visit the WHY BEESWAX section of our site for more info on the benefits of choosing beeswax candles. 

Most of all, we believe in the quality of our candles, and want to share the best quality with you.

Kindlette Candle Creator


Jen Swan's design career blossomed in NYC during the early 2000's while studying at the School of Visual Arts. After working in fashion accessory design, traveling the world designing handbags, designing product and packaging for home accessories, Jen has finally settled in a small quaint town in CT, not too far from NY. The time was right to fulfill the desire to finally dive into a entrepreneurial dream and to make Kindlette candles come true.


Since 2009 Jen has studied large scale flame effects, designed interactive fire art installations around the country, performed as a fire dancer and shared her knowledge of fire performance at retreats throughout the North East. There is something about fire, the dance of the flame and the warmth it brings both inside and out.


Kindlette has been a small business creating fire and flow arts related accessories since 2011. It has transformed over the years and grown to be a dear part of Jen's heart. An idea was born back in 2014 to create a collection of candles that would reveal secret messages when burned. Jen's passion for both design and the fire arts are what fuel Kindlette and the desire to share with you, a piece of this love.