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  1. item that has been lit,

      containing a small flame.

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Memento Greeting Candles

Each candle holds a special message inside, etched onto a beautiful metal memento.

As the candle is burned, a greeting will gradually appear through the wax. Each time you relight the candle, your memento will reappear bringing a personal touch to light over and over again. Once the candle is complete, the memento can be kept as a gift, and used in any creative way.



A Positive Fortune

Add a little light to your day with a surprise fortune. You won't know what your fortune will be until you ignite your candle and it's revealed, etched into a metal memento.

A Message of Love

Little sweet somethings etched into a metal memento become an expression of love each time the candle is burned.

An Inspiring Affirmation

Lift yourself with these heartening affirmations. Remind yourself each time the candle is burned of who you are and the greatness you hold within. 

Birthday Wishes

A unique way to say Happy Birthday and keep the celebration glowing. The gift of the engraved memento inside is a fun reminder throughout another wonderful year.

Joyous Holiday Wishes

A wonderfully unique hosting gift for the holidays. Light up the room with this beautiful candle holding a holiday spirited message engraved on a metal memento inside. The perfect gift that keeps on giving, when the candle is complete, the memento can be used as an ornament, a decoration, on another gift and in many other creative ways.

A Cheeky Message

A positively sweet message for the sassy soul, delivered on an engraved metal memento. Keep your fun side on the outside sharing your sassy memento wherever you go.


Baby Surprise

A unique way to let your loved ones know you’re having a baby! Gender reveals for boys, girls, and baby surprise parties.

Candles that speak to the flame in the heart.

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